The following is a complete list of episodes that have aired of the Hub original series Pound Puppies.

Note: As a result of production moving from 9 Story Entertainment to DHX Media Vancouver, the show was put on hiatus from December 24, 2010-August 23, 2011 (between episodes 7 and 8). Despite this, all episodes that aired from October 10, 2010-January 28, 2012 (episodes 1-26) are considered part of "Season One".

Series Overview

Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale
1 26

October 10, 2010

January 28, 2012

2 13

June 2, 2012

December 1, 2012

3 26




Season 1: 2010-2012

Episode # Production Code Title Written by Directed by United States Original Airdate
1 101 "The Yipper Caper" Paul Germain & Joe Ansolabehere Richard Weston October 10, 2010
When a seemingly unmatchable pup meets, then loses, the boy of his dreams, it's up to the Pound Puppies to do what they do best.

Puppy: Yipper

2 102 "Nightmare on Pound Street" Bart Jennett & Joe Ansolabehere Richard Weston October 29, 2010

When a seemingly unmatchable pup meets, then loses, the boy of his dreams, it's up to the Pound Puppies to do what they do best.

Puppy: Freddie

Note: This episode only airs on the Hub during the month of October, in celebration of Halloween.

3 103 "Rebound" Mark Drop & Bart Jennett Richard Weston November 5, 2010

The puppies seek a home for a puppy named Rebound. However, it becomes an exhausting task when each owner returns her just minutes after adoption, and Niblet knows why, as well as his connection with her. Meanwhile Mr. Mcleish's dog-hating mother, Agatha McLeish (Betty White) comes to visit the pound.

Puppy: Rebound

4 104 "The General" Rachel Lipman Richard Weston November 19, 2010

The mysterious Pound Puppy General arrives at the shelter with a daunting task for Lucky and the gang.

5 105 "The Prince and the Pupper" Bart Jennett Richard Weston December 3, 2010

Feeling unappreciated, Squirt switches places with an aristocratic dog with his exact likeness.

6 106 "Catcalls" Eric Trueheart Richard Weston December 17, 2010

It's the Pound Puppies vs. the Kennel Kittens as they each try to place one of their own in a home that only wants either a dog or cat.

Puppy: Patches (Wagster)

Kitten: Stripes (Mittens)

7 107 "King of the Heap" Rich Fogel Richard Weston December 24, 2010

During a mix-up at the pound, Niblet is mistakenly adopted as the new junkyard dog.

Puppy: Tyson

Note: This was the last episode animated by 9 Story Entertainment.

8 108 "My Fair Rebound" Rachel Lipman Greg Sullivan August 13, 2011

Agatha McLeish (Betty White) enters Rebound in a dog show to prove to her friend that she's top dog.

Note: From this episode onward the animation for the series is produced by DHX Media Vancouver, marking a noticeable change in the series' animation style.

9 109 "Quintuplets" Joe Ansolabehere Jos Humphrey August 13, 2011
The Pound Puppies struggle to find a home for five adorable puppies who are determined to stick together.

Puppy: The Quintuplets

10 110 "Dog on a Wire" Eric Trueheart Greg Sullivan August 20, 2011

The Pound Puppies return a circus dog that got left behind, but when they get to the Big Top, Strudel remembers her dream of being a performance dog.

11 111 "Homeward Pound" Billiam Coronel Jos Humphrey August 27, 2011

When Squirt and Niblet become lost and stranded in the middle of nowhere, the Pound Puppies scramble to find them.

Puppy: Dinky

12 112 "Rebel Without a Collar" Rachel Lipman Greg Sullivan September 10, 2011

When a coyote is accidentally browned into the shelter, Cookie becomes smitten and contemplates leaving the Pound Puppies.

13 113 "Taboo" Julie Selbo Jos Humphrey October 1, 2011

It's up to the Pound Puppies to find a home for a dog who is convinced he's nothing but bad luck.

Puppy: Taboo (Lucky)

14 114 "Toyoshiko! Bark Friend Machine" Mark Drop Greg Sullivan October 8, 2011

When a robot dog named Toyoshiko come to the pound, Strudel finally meets someone that understands her.

15 115 "Zoltron" Silvia Olivas Jos Humphrey October 15, 2011

After Zoltron gets separated from his family during an outing, he needs help from the Pound Puppies to be reunited with his people, and the pups soon make the discovery that their new companion may or may not be from planet Earth.

Puppy: Zoltron

16 116 "The Really Weird Dog" Steven Tsapelas Greg Sullivan October 22, 2011

Rover seeks the help of Lucky and his gang to find his person. But Rover is not just any ordinary dog; in fact, he's not a dog at all.

Puppy: Rover

17 117 "Bone Voyage" Tony Infante Jos Humphrey November 12, 2011

When MeLeish's mother, Agatha, decides it's time for a vacation, Rebound becomes worried that she won't come back.

Puppy: Greasy

18 118 "Snow Problem" Rich Fogel Greg Sullivan November 19, 2011

The Pound Puppies become a sled team to help a hopeful dog meet his person.

Puppy: Tundra

19 119 "The K9 Kid" Mike Ferris Jos Humphrey November 26, 2011

Despite not being the right breed or size, Pepper is determined to become a K9 dog.

Puppy: Pepper

20 120 "The Call of the Squirreldog" Nancy Steingard Greg Sullivan December 3, 2011

Mr. Nut Nut's history of joining the Pound Puppies is told by Squirt.

Puppy: Mr. Nut Nut

21 121 "I Never Barked for My Father" Joe Ansolabehere Jos Humphrey December 10, 2011

When Niblet brings a new pup and his older partner to the shelter to hide from a dogcatcher, Lucky is forced to deal with some family ties.

Puppy: Chip

Note: In 2012, this episode was honored with the HUMANITAS Prize for excellence in writing for children's television animation.

22 122 "McLeish Unleashed" Eric Trueheart Greg Sullivan December 17, 2011

When Milton Feltwadle (Jim Parsons) returns to run Shelter 17, placing pups becomes a challenge as the gang zoo realized that the new guy means business.

Puppy: Corky

23 123 "Olaf in Love" Peter Hannan Jos Humphrey January 7, 2012

It's up to the Pound Puppies to get Olaf and Gertrude to realize they're made for each other and, in doing so, help get a new pup a home.

Puppy: Kiki

24 124 "Kennel Kittens Return" Tony Infante Greg Sullivan January 14, 2012

When the Kennel Kitties steal Strudel's new invention, it's up to Squirt to steal it back--but he must go undercover disguised as a cat.

Kitten: Lily

25 125 "Mutternal Instincts" Janna King Jos Humphrey January 21, 2012

Lucky and the gang are dumbfounded when they learn that Cookie has been trying to prevent a pup from getting adopted.

Puppy: Cupcake

26 126 "Lucky Gets Adopted" Bart Jennett Greg Sullivan January 28, 2012

When a lonesome little girl adopts Lucky, he'll consider trying anything to get back to Shelter 17--even revealing their secret mission.

Puppy: Shaggles & Lucky

Note: This was the first episode to feature singing.

Season 2: 2012

Episode # Production Code Title Written by Directed by United States Original Airdate
27 201 "Zipper the Zoomit Dog" Mark Drop Jos Humphrey June 2, 2012

Squirt reveals his secret past and promises to train Zipper to catch flying discs.

Puppy: Zipper

28 202 "The Fraud Princess" Rachel Lipman Greg Sullivan June 9, 2012

Agatha's new beau brings a nosey puppy to play with Rebound.

Puppy: Princess

29 203 "The Super Secret Pup Club" Bart Jennett Jos Humphrey June 16, 2012

Rebound and Cupcake join Patches to create their own puppy placing troupe.

Puppy: Patches

30 204 "Barlow" Alan Hanson Greg Sullivan June 23, 2012

Barlow encourages his fellow canines to adopt a lackadaisical philosophy; Lucky races to find Barlow's person before the Pound Puppies fail their next mission.

Puppy: Barlow

31 205 "There's Something About Camelia" Jos Humphrey Tony Infante June 30, 2012

When Camelia arrives at Shelter 17, Lucky and the team are challenged to find her a real match.

Puppy: Poopsy & Camelia

32 206 "Good Dog, McLeish!" Evan Gore Greg Sullivan July 7, 2012

McLeish thinks he is a dog after being hypnotized; He joins the Pound Puppies on their mission to match Piper to her person.

Puppy: Piper

33 208 "The Ruff Ruff Bunch" Rich Fogel Jos Humphrey July 14, 2012

While the Pound Puppies search for the missing dog Cuddlesworth, the Super Secret Pup Club are initiated into a fancy dog club led by a mysterious founder.

Puppy: Cuddlesworth

34 209 "Salty" Merriwether Williams Greg Sullivan July 21, 2012

Salty, an ailing sea dog, searches for his own replacement.

Puppy: Suds

35 207 "Squawk" Chelsea Meyer Greg Sullivan July 28, 2012

Niblet reveals the Pound Puppies' secrets to a parrot, who then tells them to humans.

Puppy: Humphrey

36 212 "The Accidental Pup Star" Tony Infante Jos Humphrey August 25, 2012

The Pound Puppies must discredit a viral video of Rebound singing and dancing before McLeish can make her into a Hollywood super star and reveal the Puppies' biggest secret.

Puppy: Roxie

37 210 "No Dogs Allowed" Rich Whitley Jos Humphrey September 1, 2012

Several dogs are returned to the pound because of a landlord's new ban on dogs.

Puppy: Checkers

39 213 "I Heard the Barks on Christmas Eve" Chelsea Meyer Greg Sullivan November 24, 2012

When the Pound Puppies need a miracle to place thousands of puppies in homes, Rebound's tenacity may be just the Christmas miracle.

Puppy: Ralph

38 211 "Pound Preemies" Eric Trueheart Jos Humphrey December 1, 2012

A dog named Petunia gives premature birth to a litter of puppies at Shelter 17, who are mistakenly adopted by a trio of girls. The Pound Puppies must find the newborns and get them back to their mother.

Puppy: Petunia's Puppies (including Cinnamon)

Season 3: 2013

A season three has been confirmed by Yvette Nicole Brown, the voice of Cookie. Funding for a season three was later confirmed by DHX Media[1] Yvette Nicole Brown later confirmed that season 3 will contain about 25 episodes[2], and Top Draw confirmed that 26 episodes are planned (326x22 minutes, "3" presumably referring to the season number).[3]


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